To meet the demanding requirements of motion control applications in industrial automation and satisfy the needs of high-precision positioning control requested by machine designers and system integrators, Delta launched the high-performance motion control ASDA-A2 series servo motors and servo drives in 2009.




Precise carving machine, precise lathe/milling machine, double column type machining center, TFT LCD cutting machine, robot arm, IC packaging machine, high-speed packaging machine, CNC processing equipment, injection processing equipment, label inserting machine, food packaging machine, printing

Features of ASDA-A2-M:

-CANbus communication speed is 1M bps, in comply with CANopen DS301 standard.

-3 CANmotion modes (Profile Position Mode, Interpolation Position Mode, Homing Mode) are provided for CANopen DS402 standard. Max. length of the communication cable can reach up to 40m (when using standard communication cable).

-Station configuration can be set via parameter settings.

-In conjunction with Delta’s PLC, it is able to save the wiring and establish Delta fieldbus system configuration.


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